Mon,Apr 22,2019 | 08:31:10am


Thin women most prone to depression

Being too thin can make women more susceptible to depression as compared to men...

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People with poor sleep are more likely to see things negatively

Researchers have found that people with poor sleep may find it harder to see things in a postive light...

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Research decodes why heavy drinkers are prone to accidents

While heavy drinkers showed less impairment than light drinkers on a rote fine motor test over time...

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WHO report: Smoking-related diseases to claim 200 million lives in China

28 per cent of all adults and 50 per cent of men in China are estimated to smoke on a regular basis...

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Expenditure on SC/ST schemes less than the allotted amount

In 2014-15, 6,044.26 crore was allotted for the SCSP, out of which only 3,583.29 crore was spent...

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Is your sitting job making you fat?

Overweight and obese workers are more likely to take sick leave for non-work-related illnesses...

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Every hour, one student commits suicide in India

India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29...

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