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'In India the biggest sin is that you have been born in the house of a Dalit'

'In India the biggest sin is that you have been born in the house of a Dalit'

Around 70 Dalit families in Sunped area of Faridabad fight for survival in their village every day.

Being a Dalit in India is a crime, the villagers of Sunped told. "In India the biggest sin is that you have been born in the house of a Dalit. From the day of its birth,a Dalit child starts facing discrimination," said the villagers.

According to a report of The Statesman they said around 400 upper caste families live in the village and vastly outnumber the 70 Dalit families, who often face harassment from the former.

"If we died, no one will care as we are like animals for them," said the Dalit residents of Sunped village.

The village, just 50 km from the heart of Delhi and more than 500 years old, is still wrapped in its caste cocoon. Like in the past, in this digital era too Dalits are not allowed to drink from the same wells, or visit the temples frequented by the upper castes.

This morning at around 2.30 the room in which four members of a Dalit family were sleeping was gutted in a fire set by upper caste men.

In the fire, two minors were killed and their mother is battling for life in Safdarjung hospital, Delhi. The villagers claimed that the main reason behind the incident is that they are Dalit.

"Our sisters, daughters face frequent harassment at the hands of upper caste people. They just wait for an oppurtunity to sexually harass them. Whenever we go to the police station to file a complaint, no action is taken against the accused persons," said Veena, a villager.

Many Dalit villagers claimed that their family members have been falsely implicated in criminal cases by the upper caste people.

The family members of the victim, who were burnt alive today claimed that their house was burnt earlier too but police did not take any action.

A 78-year-old woman Putan was sitting on the corner of the street, when she was pushed aside by an upper caste man who shouted at her to "just get out of my way".

"Whenever our daughters go to school they are sexually harassed by upper caste people," said Rajawati. In another village nearby, Shahjhanpur Kalan, residents, however, claimed that all the castes stay there peacefully.

"Upper castes have been dominant in Sunped due to which our voices are suppressed," said Rajawati, a Dalit villager. 


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